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Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement.

You’ve consulted your doctor, you’ve been referred to downtown,
The specialist has seen you and has scheduled you down.
Your knee is the pits; it’s given the ghost,
A TKR’s what you need now, and you need it the most.

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Ms. Rizio, your neighbour, though a little bit nosey,
She’s forever upbeat, cheery and rosy.
She’s come over to cheer you up from your downs.
She’s got some advice about how things work in this town.

“You might think what you need now is some rest,
“But before surgery rest is not best.
“You need to get active, build up your muscle,
“Go to Telma, not slowly, but now, really hustle!”

Surgery’s unpleasant, a bit scary too,
But with some physio beforehand to help you sail through,
You’ll build up some strength and get things in place
For after your post-op rehab you’ll be ready to race.

There’s a timeline, you know, of how things will go.
You start off quite slow, but will rapidly grow.
The next day after OR you’ll be up on your feet
The day nurse, though firm, is still very sweet.

Within days you’ll be discharged and then onto hospital rehab
You might even think this whole deal wasn’t so bad.
It’s true there’s still much work up ahead
But it beats the idea of being stuck on a bed.

“After your post-op hospital rehab,” says Ms. Rizio
“You’ll go back to Telma Grant, P.T. Physio.
“Regardless of age, you’re covered by OHIP, that’s right,
“Because your stay in the hospital was for overnight.”

Again, you neighbour, has hit it spot on,
(Even though you might wish she would stick to her lawn.)
You’ve got miles to go before you hang up your keys
Give Telma a call and let her help with your knees. [/read]