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You’ve Got a Bad Knee

Telma Grant, P.T. Private & OHIP physiotherapy and Chiropractic. If you're in pain, call us. We can help.

You’ve got a bad knee, it creaks and it moans.
Going down stairs you let out some groans.
Painkillers are one thing, surgery, another,
You need some advice, but not from your mother.

Ms. Rizio, your neighbour, yes our friend ‘cross the street,
Says, “I know someone nice, whom you really should meet.
“She’s happy, rides horses, likes Chinese food too,
“She runs a fine place, not far from the Bowmanville Zoo.”

It’s scary having a knee that’s betrayed you.
You’re not lazy, we know, just unsure what you should do.
Your doctor, concerned, has scheduled a consult
In the meantime, your knee and your life roil in tumult.

Still in pain, you start thinking what the hey,
Let’s look up this girl at TelmaGrant.Ca.
You whip out your cell, your fingers, at least, still agile,
You find her website, her number, and dial.

“Hello, Telma Grant, P.T., Chiro and Friends. How may we help you?”
Is the warm greeting when answered. “My knee hurts and my friend suggested I call to
See Telma, the physio, ‘cause my knee’s being a jerk
It’s creaky, it’s sore, it’s’ over tweaked, over twerked.”

“We’re sorry you hurt, that’s no fun at all.
“We’re grateful you chose us as the ones that you call.
“An assessment for starters, we’ll book you at two.
“We’ll look and we’ll talk and help you decide what to do.”

“Your goals are our goals, we want only the best.
“You’ve come to us, now put us to the test.
“We’ll help with the pain. We’ll help you understand.
“We might even use a really big rubber band.”

So things are looking up. You’re on the right road.
A little knowledge and relief help lighten the load.
We are here to help, we’ll help ease your pain.
We know how much energy an injury can drain.
If you’re in pain, we can help, and we do.
Our priority is spelled Y-O-U, “You.”